LAHORE: The Provincial government has deci­ded that the Provincial meals department, in ad­­d­­ition to its heavy obligation of sugar distribution via ration depots, will act as a supervising organisation to peer whether or not flour mill owners are fulfilling their commitments approximately the sale of atta at cheap prices fixed through the government, it's far authentically learnt.

The selection has been taken through the Provincial authorities in session with distinguished public representatives of numerous areas of the Province who had urged the authorities to watch the atta market fashion to make certain that atta is provided to the terrible people at cheap fees.

The Provincial government, which had taken concrete steps to reduce atta expenses has decided in principle to vigilantly watch the rates and the fine of atta to be provided to the customers through our mill proprietors. In line with a plan under the attention of the government, the meals Inspectors and manager could be required to put up weekly reports to the applicable District meals Controllers on the expenses being charged and quantity of atta being bought in the marketplace.

The government is firmly decided to set up the deliver of atta at reduced prices to the client and has additionally decided to go to the quantity of implementing partial rationing of atta if the commitment made via the flour generators is not honoured completely.

published in sunrise, December 7th, 2018