APROPOS Kartarpur border commencing. Whilst Kashmir is bleeding, our canals in Bahawalpur area are drying and poor farmers promoting cattle at throwaway charges for lack of fodder, we laid the inspiration of a hall as a gesture of goodwill for India. Let us additionally notice what Indian foreign minister said, at the same time as the Indian military leader threatened to assault Pakistan and Kashmir. This is the reward we were given.

in view that we're committed to peace, we need to lay down a few policies. The subsequent can be taken into consideration: simplest pilgrims elderly 60 and above be allowed to go into Pakistan with out a visa. A more youthful individual accompanying an elderly handicapped person may be given a visa at the entry point. All others ought to reap a visa from the embassy.

additionally, there should be a cap on the wide variety of men and women allowed to go into in an afternoon and the duration of their live be notified. Nobody have to be allowed to convey swords and daggers.

In 1947 i was a category VII scholar and lived in Lahore. Maximum of my relatives lived in Delhi and East Punjab. While coming to Pakistan certainly one of my cousins (who had simply handed his BSc) become killed close to Atari and some other was badly mauled however survived. Who did that?

beyond atrocities via people and nations can be forgiven however not forgotten as we circulate ahead. Although Sikhs shape about 10pc of the Indian populace, their wide variety in security forces is greater than 20pc. We want not pass too far to thrill the Sikh network.

Brig (retired) Khalid Hassan Mahmood



I would love to share my happiness approximately the outlet of the Kartapur border. I thank the government for being so generous to the Sikh network.

As a Sikh from west Punjab who has lived in Lahore forever, I would like to thank WaheguruAlmighty for granting us darshan deedaar. It makes me so happy that Sikhs from both sides of the border might be able to offer pilgrimage in a non violent surroundings. This is a historic event which has made this 70-yr-vintage man very satisfied.

Sardar Jaiveer Singh Dhoomi


published in dawn, December seventh, 2018