Junaid Jamshed and his family had been a number of the casualties of Pakistan global airlines (PIA) flight PH-661, which crashed on its way returned from Chitral to Islamabad on December 7, 2016.

Even now, two years later, it’s difficult to consider someone lots of us grew up watching is now not among us. The musician-turned-evangelist became and could continually continue to be one of the most prolific artists to have pop out of Pakistan in current time.

JJ left in the back of a legacy of no longer just top notch tune however additionally a international of advice for us to benefit from for years to come. To mark his second demise anniversary, we bring you 10 of JJ’s maximum considerate fees approximately the love, life and the way we are able to attain achievement in each.

1. “one of the finest purification of the self is to part along with your money and supply it to people who deserve it.”

2. “i have never seen a beneficiant guy pass bankrupt.”

3. “the start is usually the toughest element. In case you attempt, you danger failure. But if you stop, you make certain it.”

four. “human beings don’t need to exchange because they focus on what they may lose instead of what they may advantage.”

five. “The manner to the top with humans is not through intelligence however extravagant sacrificial provider.”

6. “every so often, you don’t understand your very own energy till you return head to head together with your greatest weak spot.”

7. “people are beautiful. Now not in what they appearance or in what they say however in what they are.”

8. “There are two cardinal sins from which all of the different sins spring: impatience and laziness.”

nine. “It’s constantly higher to win a person and lose the argument than winning the argument and dropping the character.”

10. “if you want to be loved by each person, never provide your opinion unless it is asked for.”

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