LAHORE: The Lahore high court docket on Friday set apart a notification of the district authorities and reversed de-regularisation of over a dozen patwaris with a route to the deputy commissioner to decide the matter afresh after affording possibility of personal hearing to the petitioners.

Muhammad Amin and other patwaris contended thru their counsel Saad Rasool that they had been running as everyday employees for the final 11 years. However, they said the authorities, one quality morning, changed their reputation as contract employees with out issuing them any prior notice or listening to their factor of view.

The recommend argued before the court docket that the regulation did not allow changing nature of the employment of everyday personnel. He stated the deputy commissioner had issued a vague notification and declared the petitioners as contractual personnel.

Deputy Commissioner Saleh Saeed regarded before the court and said that senior member board of sales had termed the regularization of the petitioners unlawful. She said the petitioners had been regularized at distinctive factors of instances.

but, Justice Sajid Mahmood Sethi asked the deputy commissioner that underneath what law the authorities had the power to sentence everybody unheard. The judge discovered that the impugned order of the authorities had been surpassed without meeting the essential rights of the petitioners enshrined inside the charter.

The judge set apart the impugned notification and directed the deputy commissioner to decide the matter of the petitioners strictly in accordance with law and after affording possibility of private hearing to them.

published in dawn, December eighth, 2018