BRASILIA: as a minimum 12 humans were killed on Friday, which include six policemen, in an early morning shootout among police and bank robbers in a small town in northeastern Brazil, the country governor’s office said.

five hostages, including two children, died within the shootout, neighborhood media said, whilst police interrupted a gang trying to rob ATMs at financial institution branches on the primary avenue in Milagres in the interior of Cear state.

“Our preliminary statistics is that 12 people died, which include six law enforcement officials,” a spokeswoman for the governor said through smartphone.

The G1 news website, quoting Milagres Mayor Lielson Landim, suggested that the 5 lifeless hostages belonged to the same own family. Their automobile were hijacked on a close-by highway and taken into city via the armed gang.

Broadcaster GloboNews said it became the circle of relatives of a local businessman and that two suspects have been arrested by means of police.

the gang escaped in two vans with out taking any cash, G1 said. A neighborhood press record said the frame of one financial institution robber changed into observed in an abandoned automobile by police.

Police were attempting to find gang members with the assist of a helicopter, the mayor’s workplace stated.

posted in sunrise, December eighth, 2018