DACCA: President Ayub Khan stated this night [Dec 7] that it become heinous crime to incite the human beings to violence. The President turned into addressing the contributors of the East Pakistan Muslim League Parliamentary celebration at motel Shahbagh here.

The President strongly condemned the role of the opposition and stated that they were engaged in misleading the people and inciting them to violence. He stated that the opposition ought to behave in a democratic style in the event that they honestly intended commercial enterprise.

President Ayub stated that election changed into inside the offing and the opposition had already commenced the election marketing campaign. President Ayub regretted that the opposition had set a horrific instance by means of their sports. He was hoping that desirable sense would prevail on them and that the opposition would be guided by using democratic strategies as they professed to do so.

The President stated that unluckily the opposition were engaged in developing disruption and in inciting the human beings to violence and ailment. He said that it become maximum heinous crime to incite the people to violence which would hurt the usa.

posted in dawn, December 8th, 2018