APROPOS Faisal Bari’s article ‘checks for what’ (Nov 30). It's miles sad our education machine is confounded in phrases of its exam device. One who has acquired right grades shape magnificence I till magnificence IX, however sooner or later falls short in matriculation or intermediate, goals of going to an awesome college however he is upset because in matriculation and intermediate the authorities do no longer study how knowledgeable the pupil is, rather they examine him on the idea of their solutions — that must fit the wordings of the book.

This machine of ‘cramming’ prevents students from attaining their potential to showcase their intelligence and hard paintings. Matriculation and Intermediate systems for that reason lack idea-primarily based take a look at of the syllabus.

The best way college students try to achieve higher grades isn't always thru a legitimate knowledge of their syllabus, but thru cramming.

on the decrease level of invigilators, dishonest is going unsanctioned. It isn't always mentioned in O level and A degree examination due to the fact invigilators are strict. Folks who cheat, they dig their manner out.

hence the pronouncing: “training is not the practise for life; it's miles lifestyles itself” — John Dewey. The authorities must reform the training device to comfortable a vibrant destiny.

Imtiaz Ali Mirani


published in sunrise, December 8th, 2018