i'm appalled at studying the every day deadly road injuries. There are various causes like loss of training and education, slender and terrible street conditions, lack of symptoms and caution symptoms, loss of prosecution and deterrence to underage drivers, overloading of buses, motorcycles, etc.

i have observed motorcycles being utilized by milkmen carrying or 3 big cans on either aspect of the car on Sharae Faisal and other predominant roads. Parents journey with 3 or 4 youngsters, with entire lack of knowledge of hazards to the lives in their cherished ones. Women journeying with loose clothings, which get entangled with the rear wheel. This outcomes in severe injury or maybe demise.

most fatalities may be in large part reduced by means of sporting helmets and seat belts. The latest head-on collision close to Dadu between motors killed 4 people and injured many others. I will with a bit of luck say none of the visitors within the two automobiles had been carrying seat belts.

i hope the media can help create focus some of the human beings about the benefit of the usage of shielding measures like wearing helmets and seat belts. It's far recalled that Princess Diana could have survived had she been sporting the seat belt. Sporting of seat belts at the least for drivers and front passenger need to be made obligatory, in any other case a cognizable offence. Now the police test handiest the car driving force, but now not the passenger. Why?

Umair Ahmed


published in sunrise, December 8th, 2018