The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) authorities has set a direction to exchange the fate of Pakistan in its first a hundred-days, stated records Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Saturday.

The minister for facts and broadcasting talked about PTI’s one hundred-day plan while addressing a press conference in London, and introduced that specific attention become being given to reviving Pakistan’s financial system and socio-financial uplift of the terrible with the aid of the government.

He introduced that corruption will now not be tolerated and that transparency and rule of law will be triumphant in Naya Pakistan.

He further spoke approximately dual nationality holders saying that they must be allowed to contest in elections because they're an asset to the usa.

PTI government is giving special importance to overseas Pakistanis and is creating an environment to allow them to make investments in the country, added the statistics minister.

Fawad asserted that the incumbent authorities does no longer face any threats inside Pakistan and the hard financial scenario, in which the celebration assumed office, and the stability of price crisis has been overcome.

The facts minister assured that exchange reserves and exports are growing because of the farsighted regulations and the authorities, in its first 100-days, faces no corruption scandal.

He had in advance claimed there has been corruption of billions of rupees within the past and the preceding governments attempted to cover up information of projects from the media and wellknown public however now the ones involved in corruption might be held accountable.

Accusing the opposition of not letting the authorities perform its duties, Chaudhry defined the opposition demand for giving Public debts Committee chairmanship to Shehbaz Sharif as unreasonable, saying that this kind of pass might be contrary to the spirit of justice and responsibility.