(net table) – A father’s attempt at preventing bullying in its tracks has gone viral after he recorded his daughter strolling five miles to highschool as punishment for bullying her classmates at the bus.

Matt Cox, who lives together with his circle of relatives in Ohio, filmed his 10-yr-old daughter being forced to stroll within the frigid bloodless after she changed into said to have time and again bullied different college students at her basic college.

“Bullying is unacceptable,” Mr Cox says as he films his daughter from inside his automobile. He maintains to trail his daughter as she lugs a backpack and bag down a slender two-way road. “this is my small manner of trying to forestall it in my family.“

The video, uploaded to facebook after the incident took place, has got 15m perspectives and provoked an online debate approximately parenting and bullying.

Mr Cox has stood firmly in the back of his decision, writing in a caption coinciding with the video, “still has all her extremities intact is satisfied and healthful and appears to have a new outlook on bullying in addition to a brand new appreciation for a number of the easy things in lifestyles she used to take without any consideration.” 

“I recognise loads of you dad and mom aren't going to believe this and that s okay,” he says. “i'm doing what I feel is proper to teach my daughter a lesson and to forestall her from bullying.”

Idependent similarly stated, in the 10-12 months-antique child’s defence, she advised neighborhood news outlet WTVG information that she, too, have been bullied and might be kind to others from this factor on.

Her father reportedly broke up the long trek to her college over a 3 day duration in which she turned into suspended from riding the bus because of the incidents of alleged bullying.

whilst a number of the 63,000 comments below the video seemed supportive, a few expressed disdain towards Mr Cox, noting the obvious “irony” in filming the ordeal.

“Humiliate her with the aid of setting her on fb being punished. Irony,“ one user wrote.

Mr Cox has said he hopes the video and incident will cause parents to “start conserving their kids responsible”.