APROPOS the letter above (Jan nine). I approached the Karachi airport PIA counter recently to buy a price tag to Islamabad.

The man or woman sitting on the counter become busy fiddling with his mobile. He appeared offended that a consumer had infringed on his time.

After placing his cellphone down —reluctantly — he attended to his counter pc for a couple of minutes then said brusquely that the PIA online system was down and asked me to return later.

I went to the counter of a personal airline counter. I used to be issued a price ticket in less than five mins and that too Rs2,000 cheaper.

perhaps in the health of things, PIA have to change its slogan (pun meant) to: “Ingrate human beings to fly with”. At this charge handiest God can shop the Markhor and PIA from extinction.

Dr Serajuddaula Syed



I travelled through Emirates to Bahrain to attend an international convention. My return itinerary required overnight tour with a three-hour live at Dubai airport.

while in queue at Bahrain airport, I saw friends at the conference from Sri Lanka who have been departing for Colombo at the same flight. I requested as to why they have been going via Dubai when Sri Lankan airlines’ direct flight become departing at the same time to Colombo. Their reply: all of them simply loved flying Emirates for its provider and did not thoughts taking an extended path and overnight travel as lengthy because it was an Emirates flight.

No point in reminiscing that PIA skilled Emirates’ staff while the airline become first launched.

Sadia Nazeer


published in sunrise, January 13th, 2019