APROPOS the column ‘Minorities’ lengthy wait’ (Jan 10). I agree with the author when he puts forth his argument for the equal rights of all citizens of Pakistan. In support of his argument, the writer has not most effective used the title of Dr Alexander John Malik’s book, My Pakistan: The tale of a Bishop but has additionally narrated instances concerning the patriotism and love for Pakistan of the writer.

it's miles my rivalry that beyond the ‘minority’ and ‘majority’ dichotomy, there is want to just accept the fact that Pakistan is a democratic kingdom which have to defend the rights of all its citizens. Politically talking, any department of society on the premise of creed, caste or language can be unfavorable.

The minorities have lengthy held the perception that Pakistan need to be an egalitarian society. Quaid-i-Azam’s vision of Pakistan become additionally egalitarian. But, what's required is to go beyond minority and majority dichotomy to make sure an egalitarian society wherein each citizen can experience proud to say Pakistan is my country.

Saad Malook


published in sunrise, January thirteenth, 2019