PESHAWAR: The austerity pressure of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf is in all likelihood to comb away natural world department as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa surroundings branch has moved a summary to merge it with the wooded area department.

Minister for environment Syed Mohammad Ishtiaq stated that precis regarding merger of the two departments was forwarded to chief minister and chief secretary on Friday last. The cabinet will approve the summary. He stated that merger of woodland development agency with forest department turned into additionally on the cards to keep away from overlapping and streamline the affairs.

“The purpose of merger of the two departments is to store sources and share duties amongst employees to guard forests as well as flora and fauna,” the minister informed .

concept shocks flora and fauna conservators

The wildlife branch became set up in 1995. Before, it changed into functioning underneath the umbrella of forest branch inside the call of ‘game wing’. The authorities will amend the applicable laws for merger of the two departments.

The surroundings branch’s thought shocked wildlife conservators, who termed the circulate “very detrimental” for the control of flora and fauna within the province.

“This decision will affect flora and fauna control,”’ stated Dr Mumtaz Malik, former chief conservator and founding father of the branch. He introduced that flora and fauna could pass lower back to 0 after merger of the two departments.

“A department, which got country wide and international recognitions and delivered sports like trophy looking of wild species, established national parks, flora and fauna parks and conservancies, is being abolished within the name of merger,” he stated.

An professional related to an global conservation body said that natural world could lose its identification and specialised team of workers if an established department turned into abolished. “The government need to now not land up an established branch,” he stated, including that the ones two disciplines were separated in 1970s.

more than 1,000 personnel of the flora and fauna department might be positioned at the disposal of woodland department. Further, the put up of leader conservator of flora and fauna branch might stand abolished after the merger.

The branch is presently coping with seven countrywide parks inclusive of Lulusar-Dudipatsar, Chitral Gol, Broghil Valley, Ayubia, Saiful Muluk and Sheikh Badin. Putting in place of national parks not handiest progressed herbal habitats however also moved some uncommon species like snow leopard and markhor from the endangered to inclined classes with the aid of neighborhood groups.

If cabinet approves the merger, leader conservator forests will look after each flowers and fauna in the province consisting of lots of hectors of country wide parks, natural world parks, conservancies, recreation reserves and wetlands and so on. The publish of chief conservator of flora and fauna will also be dissolved, in step with the precis.

The previous authorities of PTI had made a complete law referred to as natural world and Biodiversity (protection, preservation, Conservation and control) Act, 2015. Woodland and flora and fauna function under the umbrella of surroundings branch. The previous government had introduced three extra countrywide parks inside the province.

Minister Ishtiaq stated that the merger could not best save resources, but could also solve the problem of duplication. He predicted over Rs30 million saving for the government annually after merger of the 2 departments. “The trouble is that employees of the two departments evade obligations and ignore offences in their regions of jurisdiction,” he stated.

He said that officers of the flora and fauna remained detached once they got here across any wooded area-associated offences for the duration of responsibility and identical changed into the case with wooded area personnel in connection with wildlife offences.

however officers disagreed with the minister’s comments and alleged that some vested hobbies inside the woodland department were trying to increase “grazing area” for themselves inside the call of merger. They stated that woodland and flora and fauna were different subjects, which required specialised know-how and qualifications and experts in forestry did now not understand flora and fauna.

“How a branch (wooded area), which could’t defend forests, will appearance after wildlife and its connected sectors,” wondered an reputable. He said that wildlife branch had prosecuted over 62 offences in diverse courts for violation in Ayubia countrywide Park as more than two hundred instances have been suggested in different country wide parks of the province.

published in sunrise, January 14th, 2019