THE rapid boom in motorbike rickshaw, or generally called Qingqi, is a nuisance. An almost a four-foot huge trolley attached to a motorcycle has no balance.

An untrained motive force adds to the misery of passengers and different motors around. The trolley continues swinging right and left whenever the motive force quickens, making it greater risky for other street users.

The registered businesses are presupposed to sell Qingqi and not the bike trolley. In January 2016, the best court had directed Qingqi owners to conform to certain specifications, which includes the quantity of passengers, safety guards at back and front, the engine not beneath 100cc with hydraulic brakes, and standardised wheels. They may operate with those specifications.

Little did we recognize that once a few years a bizarre improvement ought to take vicinity. The Lahore high court docket directed the delivery department to stop going for walks the motorcycle rickshaws manufactured by way of unregistered agencies and also take movement towards the ones concerned in illegal production of the vehicles. How far the authorities have labored towards the order is yet to be seen.

The government need to check unregistered production factories and make certain the automobile owners observe the site visitors guidelines upon getting their car registered as a car, now not as a bike.

Rukhsana Zafar


published in , January 14th, 2019