whenever there may be a personal grudge towards a person, an individual’s potential to cause is markedly affected. A current statement via Maryam Aurangzeb concerning high Minister Imran Khan’s chauffeuring for the crown prince of the UAE disheartens me.

She insinuates that the prime minister for my part drove the crown prince to talk about his ‘benami’ businesses within the UAE. Perhaps she became of the view that as there has been no insurance of the talks between the two supremos, our prime minister benefited from the occasion and used the pressure time (hardly 20 mins) to solve his personal troubles.

Such disparaging feedback of a personal level now not simplest dishearten humans however also make people query the real function of the competition. Is it to maintain a check on the incumbent authorities or to play the role of the nosy youngster who makes vain stumbling blocks for others just for some right laughs?

Mohammad Khalid Bhatti


posted in sunrise, January 14th, 2019