BERLIN: Germany’s antitrust watchdog plans to order fb to prevent collecting some user records, a newspaper stated on Sunday.

The Federal Cartel office, which has been investigating facebook due to the fact that 2015, has already discovered that the social media giant abused its market dominance to collect information on people without their information or consent.

The Bild am Sonntag newspaper said the watchdog will present the united states agency with its ruling on what action it needs to take in the following few weeks.

A facebook spokeswoman said the corporation disputes the watchdog’s findings and could maintain to guard this function.

The research is being carefully watched amid mounting concerns over leaks of records on tens of hundreds of thousands of facebook customers, in addition to the usage of social media by overseas powers searching for to persuade elections within the u.S.A..

The German watchdog items especially to how fb acquires facts on people from 1/3-birthday celebration apps – which include its own WhatsApp and Instagram services in addition to video games and websites – and its tracking of people who are not individuals.

The paper said it's miles nevertheless now not clean how strictly fb will have to follow the German order, noting that the watchdog looks probably to set a deadline for compliance in preference to insisting on immediate motion.