TEHRAN: A navy shipment aircraft crashed close to the Iranian capital Tehran with at the least 10 humans onboard, neighborhood media reported on Monday.

The Fars news agency, taken into consideration close to the navy, stated there were 16 people onboard and that simplest the flight engineer had survived.

“The aircraft changed into a cargo Boeing 707 that overshot the runway all through its landing,” Iran’s aviation organisation spokesman Reza Jafarzadeh advised state broadcaster IRIB.

IRIB first of all stated there had been 10 people onboard.

Conservative news enterprise Tasnim said it changed into a navy cargo aircraft carrying meat from the Kyrgyzstan capital of Bishkek.

IRIB said the aircraft hit a constructing after the pilot selected the incorrect runway at the same time as seeking to land at Fath airport in Alborz province, simply east of Tehran.

It confirmed pictures of burning wreckage in a wooded area.