RAWALPINDI (net desk) – President Dr. Arif Alvi has directed the Ministry of health to conform a complete coverage to have a look at a "fitness day" every yr to create cognizance a few of the humans about the benefits of a wholesome lifestyle.

Addressing a characteristic in Rawalpindi, the president said our society is dealing with more than one problems due to sick planning in the fitness region.

He stated on one hand there are a majority of folks who are laid low with mal-nutrition and stunted boom of youngsters due to deficiency of proper meals and nutrients even as on the other hand a number of people are facing exclusive deceases like blood-stress, hypertension, and diabetes and stomach troubles because of carelessness in their daily life-style.

He stated prevention of deceases has a vital role for a wholesome state than simply that specialize in enhancing the fitness cowl.

The president said advent of health cards scheme is a first-rate ruin-thru in supplying proper health cowl to the deserving segments of the society.

He said China has uplifted its populace from poverty and deceases with better making plans in a brief span of time and we are able to research lots from their experience in these sectors.