KARACHI: The final season of HBO’s beloved delusion drama sport of Thrones is prepared to return this April, after a hiatus of just about two entire years.

Season 8 will comprise of best six episodes, in preference to seven from season seven and 10 from all of the previous seasons. However the precise information is that, in line with the makers of the Emmy Award-winning show, every of the episodes might be like a whole movie on its own.

in the period in-between, they have got simply dropped the official teaser of the approaching season and boy, did it supply us chills! Especially for the reason that matters don’t seem to be looking up for the Stark siblings in it…at the same time as a minute and half-long clip doesn’t expose too much, here are 5 things we derived from it which have left us stunned.

1. A winter date:

After plenty speculation, we in the end realize that recreation of Thrones may be coming back with a bang on April 14. And unnecessary to say, we’ll all be glued to our screens while it does.

2. Stories from the crypt:

just to make it clean, the teaser isn’t real footage from the imminent episodes. It become shot mainly to hint to fans what the final season would possibly maintain. It features Sansa and Arya Stark with their half of-brother Jon Snow. We see the 3 siblings walking into the crypts underneath Winterfell. There, they come across the statues of Lyanna Stark, Catelyn Stark and Ned Stark.

We see pretty some blink-and-you-pass over however crucial info from the past seasons as the trio walks thru the crypt. For example, whilst Jon passes Lyanna, the feather located in her palms with the aid of Robert Baratheon in season one falls to the floor.

Sansa passes by her mom Catelyn’s statue whilst Arya is by myself, that could mean that she still holds her identification as ‘no one.’ They then come face to face with their own statues which essentially method that each of them will ‘face demise’ in the coming season. However, in sport of Thrones terms, that doesn’t always method they may die.

additionally, we couldn’t assist however note that Jon’s statue showed him as an elderly guy, as compared to his sisters’ more youthful-searching statues. This had made us actual concerned as to what turns into of house Stark.

3. wherein is Bran?

here’s the larger query we had in our thoughts: where is Bran Stark?Due to the fact that he and his statue are missing from the teaser, does that suggest he received’t be death soon? Also, does him missing from the crypts verify the notorious theory that he is probably the night King in spite of everything? Need to we be greater involved approximately Bran or the fate of 7 kingdoms?

four. White Walkers ultimately reach Winterfell

As Sansa, Arya and Jon are looking at their statues, the torch blows out, Lyanna’s fallen feather receives included via ice and Arya and Jon wield their swords. This indicates the White Walkers have sooner or later crossed the Wall.

five. Sansa being Sansa…

whilst Arya and Jon draw their swords out, preparing to fight, Sansa – as standard – doesn’t do lots. She just stands there, doing nothing. Can she please kill Cersei Lannister or something already? It’s the ultimate season so she doesn’t have lots time to show she’s changed into really worth not killing off for seven whole seasons…

On a totally exceptional observe: WE can not look ahead to APRIL 14! THE HYPE IS actual, Y’ALL!

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