a complete of eighty journalists have been killed within the first eleven months of 2018, while 348 have been in jail and 60 more were being held hostage, in step with figures from journalists without boundary lines (RSF).

"Violence against reporters has reached exceptional tiers this 12 months, and the scenario is now critical," the business enterprise's head, Christophe Deloire, said in a announcement which followed the record's launch.

"The hatred of newshounds that is voiced, and on occasion very openly proclaimed, by way of unscrupulous politicians, spiritual leaders, and businessmen, has tragic consequences at the ground, and has been reflected in this worrying growth in violations against newshounds."

Deloire added that social media networks "undergo heavy responsibility" as they amplified expressions of hatred that "legitimize violence, thereby undermining journalism, and democracy itself, a bit extra each day."

Journalist deaths

almost half the media fatalities came about in nations now not at warfare, inclusive of Mexico, India and the united states. Mexico remains the deadliest usa no longer at conflict for reporters, with 9 murdered in 2018. Six reporters have been murdered in India, the report said, and "many others had been the objectives of murder attempts, physical assaults and threats."

Incarcerated reporters

China stays the biggest jailer of reporters with 60 presently being held, consistent with RSF. A majority of them are non-expert reporters, who the file says "are being held in frequently inhuman situations for nothing more than a put up on social networks or messaging services."

the other leaders in journalist incarcerations include Egypt, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Of the 60 reporters presently being held hostage, handiest one is out of doors the center East —  Stanislav Aseyev, a Ukrainian journalist who has been held with the aid of the self-proclaimed "Donetzk people's Republic" due to the fact that 2017 on the suspicion of spying. 

The so-known as Islamic state, which presently is maintaining 24 reporters, remains the world's biggest hostage-taker, followed via Yemen's Houthi rebels with sixteen, the report said. 

RSF said 3 journalists are currently missing: Agustin Silva Vazquez, missing because January 21 in Mexico; Vladjimir Legagneur, missing in view that March 14 in Haiti; and Leonid Makhinia, missing because June 7 in Russia.

dv/rc (AFP, Reuters)